Local Beach Vacation Travel Planning

Some would say there is nothing better than sitting on a beach looking at the beautiful ocean dreaming of owning their own little Tahiti style bar on the beach and never leaving. But for someone like myself, the beach is over a thousand miles away, so when I want to go to the beach I must plan, and plan well, The first thing that has to be figured for a beach vacation out is what time of the year it is and what is going to be the best place for you.Do you have a family? Or are you cruising the road with a buddy? Are you going to be staying at a motel or a fancy resort? All these and many more are factors when planning a beach vacation. Were you want to go plays a vital role in your plans, east coast, west coast, the gulf, all with a different vibe and feel. Trying not to plan your vacation during a high volume traffic holiday would be a lot more difficult than planning your vacation during slow periods, and sometimes even get a better deal on your tickets or hotel rooms.Folly beach is a favorite of many, nicknamed the edge of America the Folly beach area is full of art and great food, not to mention beautiful scenery and lots of activities. It has it all, from fishing tournaments to moonlight mixers and concerts on the pier. This one in South Carolina is a must see for the beach advocate.In 2008, Triple A company performed a survey stating that a vacation for 2 people traveling in North America is around $222 a day, including lodging and meals. While there are many web sites to choose from to get deals on traveling and hotel stay, making reservations in advance is always a plus. And of course staying in metropolitan areas will, more than likely, cost a little bit more.It is all worth it when you’re laying there soaking up the sun and relaxing like never before, getting sand in your toes and collecting sea shells to take home and show off to your friends and family. So next time your craving some salt water fun, don’t forget that the beach is only a few preparation steps away. And don’t forget the sun block.

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